1. Episode 49: noise&light



    Sum Twenties


    Sum Twenties is an aural film noir in three acts that uses pure sound design as its primary element.

    Act I: Velocity Per Second of a 5 inch Pipe

    Act II: I Never Had It So Good

    Act III: Time Starts Now

    The third act, Time Starts Now, completes the mystery, but the events and outcomes of the story are determined by how the listener interprets the sounds.

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    noise&light is also an art project.

    (via sightingthesound)


  2. Here’s a moody little number that we’ve submitted for the PRFBBQ2013 compilation. Dig it.


  3. We got Vined.


  4. Thanks to Rey Greggori and [shiny grey monotone] for digging up and digging our Pixies Riot version of “Is She Weird?”
  5. "The Idea of Space" by Liz Bustamante on installation as part of the Megapolis Festival in New York, NY from April 19-21, 2013. The interactive piece involved a toy piano wired with electronics, hotel bell, music box, and sheet music. If the listener played the piano according to the music, a story was played.

    noise&light can be heard twice in this installation. First, Matt, Vanessa, and Faiz make up some of the voices that tell the story. Second, the song that plays under the dream sequence was taken from a live performance of Karavaan.

  6. Robot 1

  7. Science & Industry

  8. Zombies

  9. Evil Jonah

  10. Harm

  11. Vitamin C [Can]

  12. Beijing Bathroom

  13. Karavaan

  14. The Garden of Miracles

    Photos by Caffeinated Recordings and Joanna Dornick.

    March 8, 2013